Cavity's Goin' Ann Arbor/Sometime Sweet Susan 7"

Goin' Ann Arbor/Sometime Sweet Susan 7"
(Rhetoric Records)

What can I say? It doesn't always work out.

Case in point: My mother tried so hard to make me an upright citizen, a contributor, an eventual CEO, MBA candidate, whatever-the-fuck. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that I'd be some abject piece of shit relegated to blogging about punk rock, metal, sludge, and hip-hop. Nah, my old gal always wanted better.

But little did she know that she shares more with these motherfuckers than she shared with me. I mean Cavity, baby.

My mother was the youngest of a large brood of Italian stock. And all my surviving aunts and uncles say the following: "Your mother made us bleed." So maybe my mother was more punk/HC than I'll ever be. She'll certainly be more punk/HC than my asshole uncle Enzo.

I digress, dear reader ... When I first got my hands on this little 7" record out of Chris Lelugas' Y & T Store off Bird Road and Ludlam, I was a happy little piggy. I went home and I would have totally destroyed the vinyl had it not been for my savvy old man and his D4 solution. Yeah, the same old dude who's loved my mother for 35 years.

Now let's get technical: This is a beautiful 7" record from back in 1996. It was engineered by Captain Steve Heritage at CPI Studios (middle of fucking nowhere, casa del carajo en la jungla, Tampa-ish?) with Rene Barge on vocals, Dan Gorostiaga on bass, Anthony Vialon on guitars, and Jorge "The Sweet" Alvarez on drums.

And that's right film buffs... "Sometime Sweet Susan" is the blue movie that Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle (AKA Bobby De Niro) takes his pretty blonde date to see.

By this point, dear reader, you'll know that I've been drinking. But I am a man on a mission to get Cavity on a South Florida stage soon. I'm on a quasi-Blues Brothers mission from god (er, Satan?) to get that sweet and so often emulated sludge reprised here for the local people who once forsook it, saying: "What the fuck is this feedback nonsense?"

In conclusion, Cavity is not done. Long live Cavity.

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