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Song Spotlight: Ghostwridah Feat. Brisco - "New Shit"

Ghostwridah has risen to the forefront of the local hip-hop scene as of late. Since he dropped his Don Cannon-produced "Red Bottoms" single in February, his stock has grown and the offers from record labels just keep pouring in. Ghost announced back in late March that he did finally sign a record contract, but never revealed with whom he had signed. 

According to Poe Boy's web site, that label is somehow involved in the deal. One thing that is certain is that Big Chuck (of Poe Boy and the Hiriam Group) will executive produce Ghostwridah's upcoming album, In Love With My Future, alongside Don Cannon and Ghostwridah himself.

With that said, it's only right that Ghostwridah takes the Poe Boy affiliation a step further by doing a couple collaboration records with some of the artists on the Poe Boy roster. 

The first one up is a new record that leaked last week called "New Shit," which features Opa-Locka's Brisco on the first verse and Ghostwridah on the second. For the hook, Ghost took a hint from his "Red Bottoms" single and sampled another Jay-Z line from the infamous American Gangster album. The sped-up vocal choice for the chorus, "Can't stop, won't stop/Addicted to that new sh*t" comes from that record's song "Fallin.'"

Overall, Brisco goes a bit outside his element in this more traditional hip-hop-sounding record. But he does stay toe to toe with Ghostwridah's presence and delivery. Both artists are on the opposite sides of the spectrum style-wise, but they definitely unite on this one to make this song work.

While the track is definitely album-worthy, it won't appear on Ghostwridah's In Love With My Future LP and has been labeled as a leftover track that didn't match the sound of the rest of the album. Either way, it's good to see both Brisco and Ghost take a chance and do something a little bit different. Listen and download the song below.

Download: Ghostwridah featuring Brisco - "New Sh*t"