The Queers at Churchill's Pub, January 15

The Queers

Churchill's Pub, Miami

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Queers' frontman Joe King is back. He never left or disappeared or anything. But last night's show at Churchill's gave us a clear picture of what his band was like in their prime, maybe. More accurately, this is the Queers in their prime.

The thing with this band is you never know what you're gonna get. Yeah, the Queers have been around for 29 years, and they have dozens of crowd-pleasing songs. Past Queers shows have either been either sloppy as fuck or tight as hell, but either way, King didn't ever seem 100% into it. The consensus was that he just didn't give a fuck, there's no time to smile in punk rock.

Last night, theyplayed all the hits. The crowd sung along all night, to every song. The mosh pit got messier and sloppier as the band kept hitting us with blistering pop punk jams. King noticed, and he clearly loved it. Gone was the going-through-the-motions scowl; it was replaced by a joyous smile and an enthusiasm the rest of the band was forced to keep up with. By song number 22, drummer Lurch Nobody's face was showing signs of fatigue.

In the only break of the set, he took a sip of his water, and said "My name's Joe Queer, I'm drug addict and alcoholic." Everybody cheered, as King sipped his Zephyrhills. Perhaps the fact that the drug addict/alcoholic didn't drink even have a sip of Budweiser had something to do with their extra sharp performance.

They jumped right back into their onslaught and King shredded faster than Joey Ramone on his golden Fender Stratocaster. When the crowd flipped the bird at the band, they were really saying 'We love you.' Even during the more poppy numbers the reckless crowd kept moshing like it was CBGB 1976.

When they finished playing "This Place Sucks," they unplugged and started to get off stage - they were cornered by Can't Stand Ya's frontman Joe Basick. King and crew did not want to have whatever conversation Basick was trying to have, so they sent him to the mic and told him to ask the crowd if they wanted more. Seconds later, when the Queers took to the stage again, the crowd erupted into a sweaty mess of flailing arms and pumping fists.

They closed with a cover of the Who's "The Kids Are Alright." A fitting choice, the kids in the crowd loved every second of the 38-song set. They never let up and Joe King and

The Queers were not about to let them down.



Personal Bias: I've seen the Queers a lot.

Random Detail: There was a guy in the mosh pit talking non-stop on

his cell phone.

By the Way: The excellent opening band the Apers had a buttload

of amazing one-liners, made extra glorious by frontman Kevin Aper's charming

Dutch accent.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Some guy try to sell us alligator meat, there is no way I eat that shit."

"Florida's my favorite

state... in the southeast."

"American football? That thing doesn't even look like a ball; it looks like a peanut. From now on, it's called American Peanut."

"I'm not trying to be Mickey Mouse on you... I'm Donald Duck, motherflippers!"

"What appears to be your name? You, in the tie dyed Lynard Skynard shirt."

"Mr. Lover-lover, Mr. Lover-lover, girl. Mr. Lover-lover. She call me Mr. Boombastic, say me fantastic"

Set List:

No Tit

You're Tripping

Wimpy Drives Through Harlem

Hi Mom, It's Me

Granola Head

I Hate Everything

Kicked Out Of The Webelos


Tulu Is A Wimp

I Want Cunt

Monster Zero

I Spent The Rent


My Old Man's A Fatso

I Can't Stop Farting

Night Of The Livid Queers

Ursula Finally Has Tits

I Only Drink Bud

Another Girl

Don't Back Down

Teenage bonehead

Like A Parasite

Deborah Jean

Love Love Love

Cindy's On Methadone

Punk Rock Girls

Ben Weasel

See You Later Fuckface

Fuck You

White Minority

Fuck The World

This Place Sucks


Tamara is Punk

Met Her At The Rat

Cretin Hop

We'd Have A Riot Heroin

Brush Your Teeth

The Kids Are Alright

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