Flyer of the Week: Steve Aoki at Mansion November 25

Why does aging Cali club kid Steve Aoki always seem to be everywhere all the time? He's like some kind of superhuman funhouse mirror, multiplying his slick indie-slouch image a million and one times throughout the mediated universe. It's kinda creepy ... Wherever I look (music mags, dark alleys, The Cobra Snake, etc.) there's Mr. Kid Millionaire reflecting himself right back at me. 

Maybe it's because -- as part of the international brotherhood of hipsterati party DJs that includes MSTRKRFT, Boys Noize, and anybody peripherally associated in any way with Daft Punk -- the Dim Mak label head's never ever short on publicity, endorsement deals, or gigs. I mean, Aoki was just here in Miami a couple of weeks ago, spinning a set at SET on October 29 for a brood of bloggy babes and brothers. And already, he's back, this time invading Mansion with his million and one slick indie-slouch selves.


So again, I wonder: Why is Aoki everywhere all the time? Maybe the real reason for dude's ubiquity is something far more insidious than simple megapopularity. Could there be a legion of Steve Aoki replicants hidden in a bunker under the Hollywood sign just waiting to be unleashed on a mission of Dim Mak world domination? Or maybe Mr. Kid Millionaire has secretly discovered a rift in the space-time continuum that he's exploiting for his own personal gain? 

Wednesday, November 25. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $20 through Ages 21+ with ID. 305-695-8411;