Video: L.A.T.I. - "Spaceship"

Here's the latest video from local artist L.A.T.I., who is our friend (or whatever you're supposed to call a mutual connection) on Twitter -- you can follow her at @Latimusica (and us at @Crossfade_SFL). It's for "Spaceship," the lead single off her debut album, due out next year. Born LaTisha Marie Cotto, this Mexican-American songstress grew up in Waco, Texas and Atlanta, where she began to hone her sound as a singer, songwriter, and lyricist. You can hear a tiny bit of that city's influence in the mechanical, low-end grind of this song's beat. 

But where L.A.T.I. really sets herself apart is in bringing feminine energy to hip-hop/pop that is sexy, but powerful. You won't find her grinding or demeaning herself for attention, and indeed in this song she demands respect -- in both English and Spanish. The video's simple lighting and edits keep things classy, recalling the great R&B videos of the '90s while keeping things updated for 2010. Enjoy.

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