Radio-Active Records Hosting Punk Rock Food Drive

Punk rock has always been more about the attitude than the music. Unfortunately, that "punk rock attitude" is often portrayed as a hate-everything, outsider-only, anti-social group. While some of those things may be true from time to time, things like this can also really show off what punk rock is all about: On November 14, Radio-Active Records is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive in conjunction with Big Mama. There is no cover for the show, but if you're going to show up, you'd better bring some canned and non-perishable foods along with you.

The all ages show starts at 6 p.m. and features Nobody's Hero, Unit Six, To Be Hated, Angry Pudding, and Here's to Nathan. Support local music, help end hunger for a day, and help save the image of punk rockers... all for just a few cans of Spam.