KC of the Sunshine Band: I Don't Look Like Rush Limbaugh at a Bar Mitzvah!

Between 1974 and '78, America's youth got hooked on a truly putrid form of faddish dance music called disco.

The shirts were sickeningly shiny. The pants were excruciatingly tight. And Miami's own KC (born Harry Wayne Casey), along with his Sunshine Band, provided the soundtrack for this sweaty, polyester-clad shuffle of shame.

Now it's 33 years later. And thankfully, disco is dead. But KC isn't. And he wants you to know that he doesn't look like Rush Limbaugh at a Bar Mitzvah!

These days, the 60-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer spends his time hanging out at Harrick Music Inc. headquarters in Miami Shores, setting Google Alerts on his own name, and trolling the World Wide Web for anti-KC press clippings.

And this afternoon, his newsfeed led him to a Crossfade blog post wherein staff writer Gus Garcia-Roberts fleetingly compares the aging disco star to "Rush Limbaugh being forced to do karaoke at a nephew's Bar Mitzvah."

We thought it was a harmless little joke. But KC was pissed. So he dug deeper into the New Times archives, discovering a review of his 2009 Super Saturdays concert, entitled "Rush Limbaugh Is Apparently the New Lead Singer of KC and the Sunshine Band." This two-year-old post is packed with sarcastic jabs at his musical catalogue, advanced age, weight problems, excessive perspiration, and poor dancing skills -- not to mention his disturbing resemblance to a certain xenophobic talk-radio host.

Finally fed up, KC took action, alerted his attorney David Bercuson, P.A., and lashed out at Crossfade and our "punk writer" in a sharply worded (though chronically misspelled) email. "Your [sic] an idiot," he seethed, "and evidently probably not a very nice person and probably i [sic] would guess a frustrated musician.

"You are nothing but a Bully [sic]," KC continued, "who evidently doesn't know you [sic] ass from a whole [sic] in the ground and would rather waist [sic] whatever limited talent you have saying meam [sic] things about people you do not even know."

Unfortunately, KC's angry screed didn't address the uncanny physical similarities between he and Mr. Limbaugh. So Crossfade dialed the main switchboard at Harrick Music Inc. headquarters, left a request for comment, and the Boogie Man himself called us back, screeching, "It's not a nice thing! I'm not Rush Limbaugh! Don't compare me to the motherfucker! I'm not like him at all!"

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