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DMX Disses Plies, Calls Him "One of the Worst Rappers Out There"

Stop, drop, shut 'em down, and open up shop: We all remember jamming to a little DMX back in the day. He's no stranger to drama, and loves himself a little controversy. Stints in jail, feuds with Ja Rule, and his latest: Picking on our local Florida talent.

DMX spoke with St. Louis radio station Hot 104.1 recently to talk about his upcoming album, but true to form, ended up dissing someone instead: Our very own Plies.

He was asked how he feeling about the hip-hop scene, to which he replied,

"[Plies] has to be one of the worst."

He then went on to attack Plies' single "Bruh Bruh," in particular, going on to say,

"A lot of artists don't understand that we as artists are teachers. And if you teaching people to spell like that and talk like that ... then you're dumber than the people you're supposed to be teaching."

He goes on for about four minutes, wherein he also finally talks about his new album, set for release later this year, growls, and talks about Taco Bell. But do you think DMX is right? Is he taking it too far? Check out video of his rant below, and tell us what you think.