Henry Stone's TK Disco, Alston Records Ink Deal for Worldwide Vinyl of Entire Catalogs

Vinyl is mothafunkin' back, baby!

And soon, the Miami sounds of soul, funk, and disco, as globalized by the late great Henry Stone, will be coming to a store near you.

Joe Stone has just inked a deal with U.K.-based Above Board Distribution to manufacture and distribute the entire TK Disco and Alston Records catalogs all around the world on vinyl in collectible packages with extensive liner notes and original artwork.

Here's what Above Board's Dan Hill had to say about dinked-out singles, global distribution, and our history of music.

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New Times: Who is Above Board?

Dan Hill: I own a company called Above Board Distribution, and what we do is take seminal catalogs like Salsoul and West End and Trax Records and remaster, manufacture, and distribute them around the world.

Hell yeah!

I just sat down with Joe Stone to issue from the entire Henry Stone catalog, including TK Disco and Alston, and we're working on vinyl with full remastering, reissuing with the original artwork, and making a box set around Henry Stone, maybe to go with the new Record Man documentary about him (premiering at Miami International Film Festival). We just have to figure the best way to suss it out.

What kind of records?

A bunch of seven-inch and 12-inch records put together into one big box. They'll be dinked out with the bigger hole in the middle and everything.

What drives the business?

There's a real new demand into vinyl and physical products. People are tired of the MP3. It takes time and effort to make vinyl. It's a labor of love. But when we get it out there, it's beautiful for collectors and new listeners.

Is it global distribution or just U.K.?

We're based out of London, and we're doing all over the world in Japan, Germany, France. And we have an American partner putting it everywhere, from Amazon to Urban Outfitters and more.

Who else are you doing releases on?

Gwen McCrae, T Connection, KC and the Sunshine Band. So many classics. We'll be reissuing all the high-end numbers and also the really underground stuff as well.

What are you doing on Gwen McCrae?

Starting out with "90% of Me Is You."

What else you got lined up?

Milton Wright and Queen Samantha are on their way first. Maybe some forgotten gems like Raw Soul Express. Just a great mixture of disco, funk, and soul, all put together.

How'd the deal come about?

We approached Joe Stone because of the catalog. We have nothing like it. We got in contact and struck up a deal.

Are you familiar with the whole great musical history of Miami?

I'm a fan of the music, but I don't know the whole history. But we want to tell the story to everyone. We're gonna put it all in these great sleeve notes. What Henry Stone did to nurture his artist, how they came around, and what they did together to put Miami on the map.

Where will that first Milton Wright release ship to in the States?

Definitely California stores like Amoeba.

What about Sweat here in MIami?

Yes, I will make sure we get in there.

This sounds fucking awesome!

Yeah, we're just getting together some absolute killers.

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