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Rico Love + Charlie Sheen = "Bi-Winning" Rap Magic

There's nothing we could add to the Charlie Sheen internet chatter that hasn't already been said.

However, it was only a matter of time before the first rap song dropped using the phrase "on that Charlie Sheen." So who was to answer the clarion call first?

Turns out it was Miami-based musicmaker extraordinaire Rico Love.

The never-sleeping 27-year-old managed to find time last week in between recording with Leona Lewis, prepping for new sessions with Teairra Mari, promoting his new songs for Kelly Rowland and Young Chris, and, um, Tweeting, to turn out the little gem "Bi-Winning." Thanks to its perfect capturing of the trending topic zeitgeist, it seems to be the biggest Sheen ode making the rounds. 

The track starts off with the infamous "bi-winning" sound bite -- which, truly, is the greatest case of positive re-labeling we've seen in recent times. (Would Tony Robbins be proud?) Rico takes over rap duties here, with a flow similar to the one he used on his track with Young Chris, "Break 'Em Down." Not surprisingly, he also quotes that song here, before going back to the topic at hand and shouting out lucky blondes and tiger blood, among many other signs of winning.

Listen with a sense of humor, though -- unlike most similar boast tracks, this one was meant as a tongue-in-cheek parody. "I did the song as a joke and I posted it on Twitter to be funny," Rico says. "I honestly agree with most of the things that Mr. Sheen shared in the interviews, and I made the record in support of him. I believe in mind over matter and I believe that the human mind can beat addictions. I'm flattered at the number of people worldwide who've taken to the song."


Rico Love's "Bi-Winning (On That Charlie Sheen)"

Rico Love's "Bi-Winning (On That Charlie Sheen)"

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