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Socavivor's Dag Talks Madhouse, Big Pun, Elephant Man, and the Future

South Florida's 21st century dancehall, soca, and hip-hop party scene can be described in one word: Madhouse. That's the name of the weekly party started on Key Biscayne in the early millennium and keeping the bashment going even today via Friday nights at Opium Hard Rock.

The teams behind the movement are Rockers Island, Trini South Boyz, and XO Management. They're also the forces behind major annual events like the Best Of The Best concert, and Socavivor. We spoke to Rockers Island's "director of promotions, head of street team, and all-around guy" Dag about partying for a living, Elephant Man stories, and Socavivor's 10th anniversary.

New Times: First off, what you got going for Socavivor this year?

Dag: It's Socavivor 10. That's ten events in seven days on the tenth anniversary. You gotta look at the website to see everything. There's a lot of events from here to Ft. Lauderdale. Look out for that Wet Fete.

How long you been doing this for?

Since '98 i wanna say. I was a DJ first, and doing some light promotions. So '98. That means no job, like no nine-to-five, just doing this. So, what is that 12 years?

We started with Madhouse, which is still going on. We also started the pool parties for Memorial Weekend, and that grew to what it is now. I believe it was the year Big Pun died cause I remember we had a flyer with a RIP for him on there. Ever since then it's been its just been growing from there. Fat Joe even put it in one of his songs.

("In Miami, pool party, off the chain/Getting head underwater on Memorial Day.")

Any funny stories from a party?

I still think about Elephant Man at Rockers Island at Amnesia on South Beach. That was crazy 'cause there was a fountain on the stage and he brought this dude out of the crowd just asking him how he liked the show and being entertaining and stuff. Then he tells the guy to jump in the water, and nobody thought he would, but he actually did it and had to leave the club all wet. So it's stupidness like that, but it's all in fun. I seen fights, people drunk and high out of their minds. There's no one day the same. I seen some craziness.

Any last words? Shoutouts?

Yeah I'm working with this girl Danay Mariney, out of Atlanta. She's the future. I'm not even lying, she got some beautiful songs. Check her out. And follow me on twitter @Dagman8. Shout out XO Management, STreet League, We The Best, Serious Promotions.