Local Music

"Miami State of Mind," Empire State Remix by D Shep and Veronica V

Jay Z's Empire State of Mind was an instant classic. It's still on the radio, it still gets stuck in your head when you hear it, and it still appeals to everyone from farmers to lawyers to middle school nerds to prison bound thugs.

But if it does one thing other than ride, it makes you want a song for your own city. Give thanks for D Shep featuring Veronica V for their Empire State of Mind remix "Miami State of Mind."

This song reps for Naranja, club Miami Nights, Richmond Heights, Overtown, '72 Chevy's, Trick Daddy, Chicos, watching for them agents, purrty women, clutching sticks, the city that never sleeps, the street life, stars and bright lights, black flags, Zoe Pound, DJs, models, VIP, Henn, dope boys, and thicker strippers just to name a few.

Makes us proud. Happy Holidays.

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