Bubble Books Eight Bands for Halloween, Including Flees, Dooms De Pop and Sweet Bronco

This Halloween, indie space the Bubble (810 NE Fourth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale) will again be Broward's hub for local art and rawkin' local bands. Some of the bands/acts include:

Sweet Bronco: Largely the solo project of Chris Horgan, Sweet Bronco delivers the kind of lyric-centric, expressive folk reminiscent of early '90s indie. Literate, authentic, and self-aware (in a great way), Sweet Bronco sparkles with heart-on-sleeve poetics.

Dooms De Pop: Bubble co-founder Garo Gallo's rock trio Dooms De Pop used to be a prog-noise act, but it has recently transitioned to a more, say, "experimental" alternative rock sound. The members still take risks, they just aren't afraid of a little melody.

Trav: Fort Lauderdale singer-songwriter Trav fuses pop hooks with semi-angsty vocals, and writes tunes that are one part quirk-folk, one part angst, and one part philosophy. Check out his "Sex Gender Song," which is inspired by Judith Butler's Gender Trouble and which he wrote as part of a final exam for a college philosophy class.

Flees: Elyse Perez fronts the band. That should be enough. But if you're not familiar with the fabulous front woman, she fronts thrash group Flees. The band plays old-school, adrenaline-shot punk during which her screams reverberate through your body between her intermittent beer guzzling. Flees makes you remember why you loved punk in the first place.

Other performers include singer-songwriter Alex Nelson, Doersam, Fantastic Amazing, and Holy Terrors front man Rob Elba.