Miami's Twelve'Len: "We Want to Hop Stylistic Boundaries Like They're Fences"

Twelve'Len is an indie-pop trio from Miami.

They are Zach Fogarty, John Falco, and Lavares Joseph. And together, these three spin smooth, organic sounds coupled with bright melodies and crisp vocals that make for a mesmerizing listening experience.

The Twelve'Len guys just released a song called "Apple Tree," from their upcoming album Pink. So we here at Crossfade caught up with Vares to discuss the making of the new record and how Miami rappers feel about indie-pop.

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Crossfade: What is the rap scene's reaction to you guys?

Vares: The rap scene will always fuck with us. That's where I came from. I grew up blocks way from Nell and Denzel Curry. We've been able to bridge the gap between a rap group and a complete band.

What is missing in Miami's music culture?

What the culture in Miami is missing is the love. As long as we get two or three people who believe in that, we can become powerful.

There's not that many trendsetters when it comes to hip-hop. We surround ourselves with people who set trends: Denzel Curry, Robb Banks, Indigo Child Rick, Bway, Nik SB, Pro Club. Those are the guys who are innovating right now.

What are you guys currently busy with?

We're working on our album Pink, and "Apple Tree" is the most recent song that we've released.

Pink is much more left-field from anything we've ever made. The album is conceptualized with the progression of falling in love. And Pink has live drums, electric guitars.

What do you guys want to contribute to the music world?

We just want to build a bridge of all genres, considering that we all come from different backgrounds. We want to hop over stylistic boundaries like they're fences and have fun playing.

So it's fun playing now? Will it always be?

Our fans are people who we have personal relationships with. We're always interacting with them at shows. We're very reachable. Feel free to show love if you see us in person.

Twelve'Len's Pink album is expected to release in spring 2015.

-- Rob Portal

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