MKTO: "Expect to Scream and Lose Your Voice"

Actors want to be musicians and musicians want to be actors.

Often, the results are cringe-worthy. But the average crossover bomb is what makes it so special when the line between acting and music is breached successfully. Just take MKTO, the dynamic duo that's turning heads with hit single "Classic."

The twosome's four-letter abbreviated name stands for Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, two best friends who met as actors and became musicians together. Kelley gained fame as Walt on Lost before being paired with Oller on Nickelodeon's short-lived Gigantic.

After a headlining tour, MKTO is now opening for Demi Lovato. Before that mega-concert hits Miami's American Airlines Arena this weekend, we chatted with Oller about combining music and acting, meeting his best friend, and making music people love.

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