Ultra Bingo: Plastic Bracelets!

Ultra Music Festival is for lovers. We saw so many cute raver couples giving each other little back rubs and blowing kisses at one another while dancing to the beat of house music. Some shared water bottles by pouring ice-cold H20 over their heads. Others professed their love for each other by making the shape of a heart with their hands.

But the cutest thing of all was when we saw BFs and GFs wearing matching plastic beads 'round their skinny little wrists, and sucking on baby pacifiers. Nothing says I love you more than a weekend of MDMA with your partner.

Check out the adorable pair we found early Sunday. And go stamp the "plastic bracelet" square off your Ultra Bingo card, grandma.

Aren't they cute? We bet this wasn't their first Ultra experience. These two look like seasoned veterans, totally in love. Just let the sign language prove it.

Download the high-resolution PDF version of Ultra/Miami Music Week 2011 bingo card.

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