Navegante and Penelope Sky, at Jazid This Friday

Considering that one half of Gnarles Barkley is the comprised of musical genius/producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse, and the other is Cee-Lo mother-fuckin' Green, whom we all know is the soul machine, drawing the comparison "the Latin Gnarles Barkley" are some pretty damned big kicks to be stepping into. We'll leave it to you to decide for yourself how well New York based Navegante fill in those Barkley boys' funky fuschia Air Jordans (we're guessing). But we will say this: they're blend of Latin, funk, soul and hip-hop has some distinct parallels.

Joining them at Jazid this Friday for what promises to be a unique show, Penelope Sky--three lovely ladies you might recognize from the local music scene with a penchant for dance-pop via electronic avenues. Enjoy no cover and drink specials with your kick-ass music!