Blast From the Past: Baccone Dolce's - Barbecued Cats

Baccone Dolce
Barbecued Cats
(Moon Ska Records)

Aspeta un minuti ... or don't. It isn't so much as the delicious Italian treat as it is a bygone era where the Floridian peninsula ruled the ska-airwaves. And (apparently re-emergent ska label) Moon Ska took note.

The mid-90's were a good place to be a dancing punk rocker in Florida. This is eons before the indie kids snorted 3/4s of their paychecks up their noses with electro-dance-punk outfits ... where the New Wavers left a certain age group behind, outfits like Magadog, Against All Authority, Jive Step Bunch, King 7 and the Soulsonics, Less than Jake, and a "plethora" of others picked up the slack.

Before Rodney Mayo pulled the plug on Respectable Street Café (South Beach, with the Clockwork Orange mural), we used to enjoy a nice matinee of horn-anchored acts that brought the rock and roll with gusto. Braggadocio if you will, a piece de resistance for many a high-school marching band nerd.

Regardless of which, that shit was hot and we little gits ruled the streets. One such band was Tallahassee's Baccone Dolce, formed in 1992, and informed my way by my dear pal and ex-Lose the Rookie guitarist and earnest Dago, Paul "Nefasto" Chase.

This is old-school horns competing with guitars and the rhythm section. More than that I'm afraid I do not know, but I know a new disc will cost you close to 85 bucks on Must be some nice horns. This seven-piece outfit was comprised of Dave on drums, Matt on the trumpet, Doodoo on trumpet, Sparky on bass, Billy on guitar, John on trombone and Josh on trumpet. Vocal duties were shared throughout, but the overall breakdown of the 14 tracks  are on a carnival-esque, instrumental vein.

Which is good. This album dropped in 1997, and was produced by Tommy Hamilton. Domani per la mattina, io ti voglio cara ragazza. Okay? Okay. Tracks to look for are "Beano," "Sugar Cookie," "Snap Crackle, Crotch," "Lovely Bitch," and the closer "Any Day." Barbecued cats might not be as tasty as the cream-puffery of a sweet, homemade, Italian sweet mouthful, which is what "boccone dolce" means. I guess these guys were circumventing litigation with bloodthirsty nonnas across the land.