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Big Sean's I Am Finally Famous World Tour Hits Miami on December 9

Ever since Sean Michael Anderson snatched up a mike and spit some rhymes, this 23-year-old rapper from Detroit has seemed to be dropping hints about the enormity of his future plans.

He began by adopting the not-so-humble stage name Big Sean. He coaxed notorious egomaniac Kanye West into giving him a really G.O.O.D. record deal in 2007. And then he proceeded to release a series of mixtapes called Finally Famous, Volumes One through Three, which culminated earlier this year with his debut full-length album, titled, well, Finally Famous.

So it's no secret that Big Sean's aspiring to be the best known spitter in the universe.

And when he last rolled through the 305 for an outsized set at Best of the Best 2011, Mr. Anderson even shared a private premonition with Crossfade.

"Just last night, I had a dream that I was in this hotel room sleeping," he told us. "And then I woke up, in my dream, and I opened the door and there were like 50 million cameras all coming at me. So I closed the door and I went back to sleep.

"Then I woke back up again and there was, like, a hot chick in my bed, which was quite nice," he laughed. "Yeah ... That was my dream I just had."

It's called the lifestyles of the Finally Famous. And homie, it's no longer a dream. It's become reality.

Big Sean's I Am Finally Famous World Tour with Cyhi the Prince, Shawn Christopher, and Lunden. Friday, December 9. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $25 plus fees via Ages 18 and up. Call 305-377-2277 or visit

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