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Armin Van Buuren Releases New DJ Video Game

We live in a world of technologically enabled hyperreality, where video games like Guitar Hero and Wii Fit can make simulated rock stars and Olympians out of the talentless unskilled sad sacks of the planet. So it should come as no surprise that the DJ experience is also now available in canned form. Über-commercial DJ Armin Van Buuren has announced his upcoming release of the new Nintendo Wii virtual DJ game Armin Van Buuren - In The Mix, providing the world with a brand new apathetic shortcut to the already endangered DJ art form.

Proper DJ skills have been in steady decline (or evolution, depending which side of the vinyl purist debate you're on) since CDJs replaced turntables and, furthermore, since MP3s and software replaced records altogether and made it that much easier to mix tracks. Van Buuren's new game allows players to toy around with preset music loops and effects using the Wii console, while attaining mythical DJ status in their own minds. This is doubtlessly going to lower the bar even more. Call me a hater, but whatever happened to getting actual skills in something? Get off the couch, people!