Floyd Mayweather Dropped $100,000 at Miami's King of Diamonds Strip Club

Floyd Mayweather isn't nicknamed "Money" for nothing.

The welterweight champion came through King of Diamonds on Monday night and unleashed thunderstorms onto big-booty strippers.

He came rollin' up fresh in his "Money truck" and reportedly dropped $100,000!

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Mayweather knew what he was getting himself into. He started the night off on Twitter calling out the other big spenders to come and show him what they got.

But it was no contest when The Money Team showed up in his Money truck. According to, this is an armored 10-wheeler with a posh interior, including a full master suite with a bathroom, a living and dining room, a smaller powder room, and a kitchen with a trained chef.

The whole truck cost Mr. Money about $2 million, and apparently, it can stand up to a missile strike, because everyone knows mo' money, mo' missile strikes.

If that entrance wasn't enough, homie went ham dropping $20 bills all night long. That must have shrunk the dicks of a few dollar-tossers in the room.

Imagine the lap dance he got that night. Or rather, 1000 lap dances. Clearly, it's comfortable at the top.

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