White Room Rebranded as EVE, Opens November 12

Goodbye, White Room. Hello, EVE.
White Room is not dead ... exactly. Though by the non-existent buzz around the venue, you'd think it was. The owners have decided to give the place a much-needed makeover and call it EVE. According to a Facebook message sent by partner Luis Fonseca, the "new" venue will feature a "Dynacord Cobra II Sound System, lighting and state of the art cryogenics." Also, there are promises of "amazing live shows and top notch DJ talent from around the world."

Over the phone, Fonseca told us the venue will look completely different from its predecessor.

Walls will come down, the roof will be extended to cover about 90 percent of the space, and the outside bar would be completely remodeled. He compared the new look to that of former 11th Street live venue/discotheque Studio A.

The reworked venue, which will remain under Fonseca and partner Rene Rigau's control, will debut November 12 with a live performance by 2 Live Crew.