Tonight: An Ugly Sweater Could Get You a Free Bottle at Louis

It's there, lurking in your closet buried underneath mounds of clothes. You'd donate it to Goodwill but you know you are obligated to wear it once a year to prove to grandma that you "absolutely love it." Beside, who would be stupid enough to buy it even if it was being sold for a buck? The ugly holiday sweater -- everyone has one.

But now that knitwear abomination might actually work in your favor. Louis at the Gansevoort South Hotel (2325 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) is hosting an Ugly Sweater Party tonight courtesy of Empire Events. The three people with most hideous holiday gear will win a free bottle of Dom Perignon.

Word to the wise: The ugliest holiday sweater we ever saw actually lit up like a Christmas tree, so if you want to win the free bottle of bubbly go big or go home.