Franck Roger on "Surprising Music Lovers After 15 Years of Productions"

From Daft Punk to David Guetta, there's no denying that the French have dominated global dance music since the '90s. But aside from the aforementioned commercial stars, Paris is also home to a rich underground house music scene.

Take Franck Roger. Inspired by the enduring Chicago house legacy, the prolific DJ-producer and Real Tone Records boss has put out some of the finest international deep house cuts of the past 15 years. It follows that he's also a world-class selector who summons the diehard house heads without fail wherever he throws down.

Get a dose of proper French-flavored jacking beats courtesy of Franck Roger at Do Not Sit on the Furniture on Saturday. But first, find out what he had to tell Crossfade about the French touch, Real Tone Records, and getting back to his vinyl-slinging roots with a brand new label.

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