Archive Diver: The Four Tops at China Club on May 25, 1988

Archive Diver is diggin in the crates for  New Times content from days gone by. We'll be bringing you everything from fliers, to articles, to whatever throwbacks got something to do with anything.

This week, check out promotion for a May 25 and 26, 1988 show by the Four Tops at China Club on South Beach.

China Club stood at 1450 Collins Ave back when fliers referred to that area as Miami Beach. The current incarnation of that address is Jerry's Famous Deli, though some of you may remember it as Warsaw.

The building was constructed way back in 1939 and designed by architect Henry Hohauser, the man responsible for The Colony and Essex House, in a style he termed Nautical Modernism. It was originally a joint called Hoffman's Cafeteria, though it later became Club Ovo and then China Club.