Visionquest's Footprintz Talks Soft Cell and Sunburns at the Shelborne Pool Party

Maurice Benjamin and Addy Weitzman are a Montreal-based band called Footprintz, one of several groups currently signed to the Visionquest label. They've been friends for a number of years. And thanks to a few chance intersections with label co-founder Seth Troxler, they just scored a record deal. Yesterday's set at the Shelborne Beach Resort was their first live show ever.

Yes ... Ever! So their unassuming, tentative stage manner wasn't artificial. Watching them gauge the grooving crowd's reactions as they meddled with their Korg Control machine was an intriguing sight.

When they were through imparting their desperately romantic lyrics and melodic instrumentals to the happily dancing crowd, Crossfade caught up with them for a few words about their recent successes. 

Crossfade: So I understand that was your first ever live performance. How did it feel?

Addy: Really fun. We were pretty relaxed, kind of just going with the flow. I mean, we bought these linen suits so we'd seem like we were nice guys.

Linen is very Miami. So have you been here for Ultra before? How are you liking it?

Maurice: No, this is our first time for Ultra. But it's great. We love everyone here. The only people I don't love are the people who are not here, because they should be here too.

Well, I hate to ask this next question, because you probably get it all the time...

Maurice: Actually, this is pretty much the first time we've been interviewed. Well, my dad told me we should practice interviewing, so we interviewed each other. But we were laughing and joking a lot, so...

Addy: You are such a liar. He's just making stuff up.

Well, my question was, can you describe your musical style? Your influences, your equipment, anything that comes to mind.

Addy: We really like to use a lot of vintage synthesizer equipment.

Maurice: But we don't have the money to buy our own, so we end up sneaking into other 
people's studios at night to use theirs.

Addy: And we like a lot of music from the '80s. And film music. Soft Cell, Simple Minds...

It's pretty cool that your label just started up and your first gig is playing at the Shelborne during Miami's Ultra week. 

Addy: This label is fucking amazing. They have an amazing philosophy, an amazing vision, and everyone on it is so cool. We had dinner last night with a few guys from the label. It's been great, and it's good to be staying here at the Shelborne. 

And for the rest of the week?

Maurice: We're going to the Get Lost party [at the Electric Pickle] Saturday. And otherwise, I haven't seen a beach or sunlight in six years.

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