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Jim Jones Sued by Coco's, Miami Strip Club, for More Than $15,000 Over Club Shooting

Sometimes it's a good thing for a rapper to get caught in some crossfire. All that jazz about living what you rhyme and staying true to the streets and whatever. But is street cred ever worth more than $15,000?

Jim Jones and his management team at 4th and Goal must be asking themselves that very question. Because as reported by Courthouse News Service, that's how much Miami strip joint Coco's Nightclub and its lawyer Virginia Gilliam are demanding from Jones and his crew after an alleged shooting in May.

The story: Jones and his clique came to Coco's at 1430 N.W. 119th Street after midnight on May 27 for a scheduled performance, but the rapper never made it to the stage. One of Jones's friends reportedly "removed a gun from his person," according to the club's complaint, "and discharged it."

"As a result, plaintiff's entire place of business was evacuated and closed down for the night without any performance by Jones."

Simply, Coco's is mad over losing a bunch of money on a show that never happened. The strip joint also claims that a sum of $5,000 had already been handed over to the rapper. So the club is demanding compensation of more than $15,000.

Gilliam, Coco's lawyer, was reached by phone. But she gave no comment on the case or damages incurred. None of the other parties were available for comment.

So who's to blame? Should Jones and his management team fork over the cash? Should he bitch-slap his friend for being too feisty? Is Jim way more credible now that we know his entourage is strapped?

Guess we'll leave it up to the court to decide.

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