MP3 of the Day: "The Fool" by Ballyhoo!

In the vast suburban everywheres of the North, there is a surplus of Sublime-obsessed white boys who smoke reefer as if it were a bodybuilding supplement for the brain. They jam incessantly, knocking out funky pseudo-ska while backed by their great-aunt's analog drum machine. And during band breaks, each individual member takes five to fantasize his own private version of the following paradisiacal scenario: Hot (vaguely Polynesian) chick in a bikini cradles a frosty, overflowing beer mug while wedged (waiting for her white boy) between a pair of crooked, lazy coconut trees. 

Now, I can't really say whether or not Howi, J.R., Donald, and Scott of reggae pop band Ballyhoo! were ever the kind of garage-imprisoned kids described above. But they do hail from the town of Aberdeen, Maryland (pop. 13,842) so it's not unlikely that these dudes have: 1) gotten high; 2) jammed while high; and 3) tried to wet-dream their way to Hawaii. 

To see what I mean, you can witness Ballyhoo! live when they play this Saturday's DubFest

at the Hollywood ArtsPark. Or you could download today's free track,

"The Fool" from the band's new album Cheers! on Surfdog Records. Just

don't email me with complaints if one experience or the other

inexplicably awakens a weird teen urge to smoke a bowl, put on a soul

patch, and sleep on the beach.