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Birdman to Chris Brown: "If You F#$%in' With Drake, You F#$%in' With Us, Period"

See also "Chris Brown and Drake Allegedly Fight Over Rihanna Inside New York City Afterhours Club."

Before you start a club fight with Drake, consider the warning YMCMB honcho Birdman has for Chris Brown: "Drake is one of us. So if you fuckin' with Drake, you fuckin' with us. Period."

Birdman calls Drake "a humble kid, making great music." But while Birdman says YMCMB is more into counting stacks than counting bodies, he recalls a time when beef meant bullets, not bruises.

"This rap shit get gansta," he tells MTV. "Ain't was no fighting in my era. We were shooting motherfuckers. Fuck me? We're blasting, straight up."

"I ain't got time to be playing with you," Birdman remembers telling his enemies. "We gonna do this and end this now."

But Birdman and his contemporaries made these mistakes so Drake's generation doesn't have to. "It's a different era and we don't promote that and we not about none of that. But I think sometimes shit get out of hands and you got to be ready for however and whenever it do."

"Trouble brings on trouble," Birdman warns, in a clear and intentional echo of Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 4. "But at the same time, but if it does come, you just have to deal with it accordingly."

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If you're joining this late, the entourages of Drake and Chris Brown got into a brawl at a New York club last week, following a Maybach Music Group listening party for Maybach Music Group's fucking awesome Self Made Vol. 2. M-m-m-m-m-maybach!

The fight reportedly kicked off after Chris Brown sent over a bottle of Champagne to Drake. In response, Drizzy is said to have sent the bottle back with a note reading, "I am fucking the love of your life," which is way closer to what real men do than, say, repeatedly punching Rihanna in the face.

Some linguistics and reading experts are speculating that Chris Brown misread the note as, "I am the fucking love of your life," prompting Chris Brown to want to punch Drake in the face several times, merely as a matter of habit.

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