Fang and South Florida Friends Destroyed Churchill's Pub, December 22


With No Fraud, Powerhouse, To Be Hated, Out of Sorts, and FWA

Presented by Idle Hands

Churchill's Pub, Miami

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Better Than: An Xmas weekend spent with anything besides loud abrasive music and old friends, reminiscing about those who are no longer here, in a sea of cold suds and an actual wintry evening in South Florida.

The man formerly known as Sam McBride has paid his due to society, spending six years in prison for strangling his girlfriend Dixie Lee Carney to death in August 1989 while high on heroin.

There is such a thing as rehabilitation. And while he'll never escape that dark moment in the past, Sammytown (as he's known to Fang fans) forges along with the one thing that ever made sense to him -- punk rock.

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