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Get Your Fill of Flute Salad and Shaking Ass at Lester's Tomorrow

Flute Salad is fun, easy, and delicious!

Wanna whip up a big bowl? Well, here's the recipe: "This dish consists of a healthy portion of green leafy hip-hop and a huge handful of sliced 'strong women of the '90s,'" explains Flute Salad co-creator and frequent Crossfade contributor Liz Tracy. "It's garnished with some aged rock 'n' roll, and a tangy indie sauce with flakes of gay house."

Now, in case it isn't immediately obvious from the above breakdown, we're talking about a dance party, not an appetizer. Which is to say, Flute Salad is made for shaking ass, not stuffing your face.

So please ... Do not try to eat it!

Still, though, you should really go get your fill tomorrow night when Liz and fellow Flute Salad inventor Amanda Leah will be serving up endless heaping helpings of radio stuff, rap, booty, garage, and dance music at Lester's in Wynwood.

Need some playlist specifics? "Well, Amanda favors The Cars," Liz says. "I love Biggie. I always throw in some Tears for Fears and try to sneak in some Los Saicos or Box Elders. We're both into some Beyonce. Never Rihanna."

So basically, besides hatin' on RiRi, Flute Salad's all about getting a roomful of cool people drunk and happy enough to sweat, scream, and shake it, just like Liz and Amanda's old TBD dance party at now-defunct Downtown hangout Bar.

"It's similar to TBD," Liz admits. "But it's probably even more fun because everyone really comes to dance and have fun."

"You wouldn't expect a coffeeshop-bar to be a place where people want to dance, but that's what's happening at Lester's!"

Flute Salad with Liz Tracy and Amanda Leah. Saturday, October 15. Lester's, 2519 NW Second Ave., Miami. The party starts at 8 p.m. and it's free. Call 305-456-1784 or visit

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