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Meet Rick Ross's Manager Gucci Pucci: A Preview of His Profile in The Source

Alex "Gucci Pucci" Bethune (pronounced 'goochie-poochie') is an elusive individual. He usually stays behind the scenes. But as the longtime manager of the one and only Rick Ross, he's definitely among the hip-hop industry's power players.

Wherever Mr. Ricky Rozay happens to be, Gucci's never too far behind. And quietly helping with the Boss's day-to-day duties (not to mention some very heavy business decisions), this master manager has rarely -- in fact never -- given a full-scale interview to any media outlet.

Until now.

The Source's editor-in-chief Bonsu Thompson caught up with Gucci for current issue of the magazine, which also names Rick Ross as Man of the Year. Here are a two quick excerpts for the interview:

When asked what he and Ross expect from each other:
With him, I expect the best. He never lets me down. It's been like that for years, even when he was doing mixtapes. I was going in other markets with other artists I was working with, shopping his stuff. I was them Ross was going to be the next big dude. It was strange back then to have someone down South have lyrics like that.

How the reports of Rick Ross formerly being a corrections officer affected him and challenged their movement:
It doesn't affect my job because I know Ross. Ross feels like he don't owe nobody an explanation, [and] he don't, to be real with you. It wasn't the fact that he came out and said this and that; he just never answered it. That's what I was there for. I was the guy in his head telling him you don't owe anybody an explanation. [I would tell] Ross, "We know what you've done."

The rest of the interview covers various things, including why Gucci Pucci never really gives interviews and how Rick Ross partnered with Nike for the Boom advertising campaign. Read the interview in its entirety by snatching a copy of The Source off newstands.

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