The Baboons, Live at the Hollywood Beach Bandshell

It is always tempting to announce for the good people of SoFla yet another opportunity to enjoy some quality cubaneo. But somehow, The Baboons music doesn't quite fit that mold, the description lacking accuracy, any attempt at precision hopelessly devastated. Sure, the Afro-Cuban vibe is there, about as obvious as Superfly in your soup. But what about all this other stuff? The blend of myriad styles infused in its sound result in such a tough to pin down amalgam, it just doesn't feel right trying to put this baby in a corner.

Perhaps the band knows best how to describe its upbeat, energetic, feel good vibe. And even the musicians seem to just be making words up. They call themselves Miami's Original Afro-Cuban Funk-n-Roll Band. Well, I'm gonna call myself a festizio. There, see? I can make up words too. Still, the Baboons may well be on to something. Among the varied influences going into their sonic goodness, all of the aforementioned are undeniably present, tugging and teasing audiences with their infectious rhythms.

In case you missed them Upstairs at the Van Dyke over the weekend, have no fear. The Baboons continue celebrating 16 years of monkeying around and their return from a 20-month hiatus with a live performance at the Hollywood Beach Bandshell on the 23rd.

The Baboons play the Hollywood Beach Bandshell on the boardwalk at Johnson Street on Friday, October 23 at 7pm. There's no charge, but they do suggest bringing the kids. That's up to you...I don't think they'll notice if you don't.