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Local Motion: Shroud Eater and Hit Play!

Shroud Eater
Self-Titled EP

If only the righteous will pass hereon then I'm an ecstatic little fuckin' piggy to have received this EP in the mail because it is just what I had been craving. Talk about doctor's orders. This heavy trio does the down-tuned stoner thing very well, and there's a nice chemistry that comes through on first listen. Well, it helps that Jeannie Saiz (guitars/vocals) and Janette Valentine (bass) soldiered together in the now-defunct Righteous Devices. Drummer Felipe Torres is a seamless fit and while these three tracks clock under the fifteen minute mark, they are repeat-friendly.

And here we go with little comparisons because reading up on them I became distraught that my "peers" across the land can only summon comparisons to Kylesa which is cool, but I'm seeing a helluva lot more Acid King and Orange Goblin than that, with a lysergic dose of the chuggy sexiness of The Leaving Trains. But there's also something very South Florida in them in the vein of Cavity and Black Cobra. The opening demonic sizzler "We Are Beasts" (I feel the same way) and "Vesuvius" are excellent compositions, and Ms. Saiz's vocals are soul-damaging, which is a good thing in this context.

The rhythm section comes a little stronger on the instrumental track "Cyclone" which reminded me of the little trick I do with Infest's Slave LP of playing the last track on 33 1/3 rpm's instead of the album-required 45. It's a slow and heavy jam that drives monotony and paranoia to a needy climax. The cover is equally delightful and so reminiscent of Pushead's work that I could see this in a 1995 Pusmort catalogue. Well, my wishful thinking aside, this is a great EP and I look forward to a full-length very soon! Enjoy a video of them after the following review.

Hit Play!
In Case of Emergency

So a couple of weeks ago we featured the opening track of this EP "...Progress, I think?" and the rest of the effort is in synch with that track. Fun, somewhat polished, early to mid 90's Southern California inspired punk rock that showcases the individual talents that comprise the band. Gaston de la Vega on bass and Machbeth Proenza on drums make up the rhythm section with gusto, while Johnny Underpaid and Raf Solo do the guitar work for Alex Calante to lead the vocal assault. I've had time to reflect on my comparisons to Face to Face and Lagwagon and I'm leaning a little more towards Jughead's Revenge and Pennywise now and maybe a small dose of Epitaph Records era Descendents.

"A Pleasant View" and "Marley" follow up with some fun punches that center the gravity of the effort solidly in the power-pop-punk canon, but the tenet is not staunchly relied upon since there are some flourishes of straight up rock and roll and cheekiness like "The Lie Detector Determined, That Was a Lie!" Hopefully some live performances soon will get the word out on this outfit.

Shroud Eater from Elephas Productions on Vimeo.