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Bieber Fights Another Photographer in Miami: "Get That [email protected]#%ing Camera Outta Here!"

Maybe the Biebz is terrified of photographers. Or maybe he's just a douchebag.

In the last week, Justin Bieber has flipped out on three different people in Miami who've tried to take his picture: (1) a fan using an iPhone after Monday's Heat game; (2) a paparazzo who became the apparent victim of JB's security crew; and (3) yet another photog-for-hire whose gear got swiped by the snapshot-phobic pop star.

But whether motivated by overwhelming fear or pure obnoxiousness, the kid's got problems. Just listen to his screams: "Grab that camera! Get that fucking camera outta here!"

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That's right ...

Mere hours before the Biebz's muscle men committed alleged battery and theft against a photographer at North Miami's Hit Factory recording studio, Team Bieber had worked over another photographer.

In a brief audio recording obtained by TMZ, you can hear Justin ranting, "Tell him to get outta here! Get outta here!"

Meanwhile, the photographer whines and whimpers and begs for his camera: "No! No! No! Please! Don't take it! Justin! No! Don't take it! Please, Justin! Please!"

Eventually, JB relents. "Alright, I'm gonna give you your camera back," he shouts. "I'm gonna take your SIM card, though.

"Now get the fuck outta here! Get outta here! Get outta here!"

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