Diary of a Flasher: Urban Beach Week, Dirty Hairy, and Youth Fair, Bro!

With all the rain and clouds, I've kept myself busy shooting all over town. Best time, in a long time, goes to the 10th annual Urban Beach Week this past weekend. Ocean Drive is wide open, but traffic was almost at a standstill. That is, of course, because part of the experience is to cruise all over South Beach showing off your chromed-out, expensive cars and that alone seemed like a parade of shiny, colorful toys.

My favorite visuals, though, came courtesy of the ladies. Most looked as though they were living in a video, dressed in high heels, bathing suits, and jewelry -- that's it, walking up and down the streets day and night. It was a live fashion show at any time of the day or night.

I ended up passing by LIV this past Wednesday for the Dirty Hairy party, to check out the Juan Maclean's live show. First, I love the lighting at that club, it's absolutely gorgeous. This is by far one of my favorite clubs to shoot. But I always end up staying longer than I want to and before you know it, I've caught over a hundred frames of goodness. These images, like so many, will have to sit in queue for a couple of days, but I will get them out sooner than later.

Something I think you late night dinner people might like is the new Au Pied De Cochon on South Beach (81 Washington Ave). As of today it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I had the pleasure of eating lunch the other day and it was fantastic. The food was good, the service perfect (never needed to ask for a refill of water), and the French music was at a decent level. I picture people having a late-night coffee and dessert after a date, or sharing the mussels and frites with a nice glass of wine. Cliché, maybe, but that sounds like a perfect summer evening.
This week I will be shooting the closing of The Youth Fair, Bro art show in the Design District, a project right out of the minds of Meatball, a.k.a Robert Lorie and Justin H Long. They've created their own version of the Gravitron, there's a Himalaya Dance Party, and there's a yummy LARDASS food concession.  Be at the fair this Saturday, 4141 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 103 from 8 p.m. till midnight.

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