Entresol and His Machines to Attend WVUM Days Out CANCELLED

UPDATE: We've just been informed that today's show has been cancelled because of rain. 

What do we know about Entresol? Well, like all good 21st century journalists, we here at Crossfade subscribe to incredibly laborious methods of research, such as Googling stuff, poking through Tumblr blogs, and checking out Facebook profiles.

Up till now, our digging has yielded the following: Entresol (AKA Eduardo Rivadeneira) is a self-described "one-man show with style" and a "gift to the dance floor" who's managed by Laura of Miami of Nightdrive. He produces "electronic music made with real machines." And he is also influenced by "you" and especially interested in "mind alterations with a good outcome."

Anyway, if all this internet info (and the video above) seems intriguing, go meet Mr. Entresol tomorrow afternoon you're out of luck. The show's been cancelled. Sorry.

We feel it's gonna be highly Googleable.

CANCELLED Entresol as part of WVUM Days Out #4. Wednesday, November 3. University of Miami's UC Patio, Coral Gables. Lunch begins at noon and it's free. Visit the WVUM Days Out #4 Facebook event page.