Cat Power Playing Culture Room July 13

She of the haunting, breathy voice and unpredictable stage shows is coming to Culture Room on July 13. Cat Power aka Chan Marshall recently announced a new U.S. tour in support of her most recent album Jukebox.

Just be forewarned if you buy tickets to this show. If she's on, you're in for one of the finest nights of music you'll ever hear. Her voice soars above sparse instrumentation and her crowd interaction is as sweet as it is sincere. It's been said by more than a few fans that this isn't the Cat Power you get at every show: Sometimes she'll end sets very abruptly or mish-mash songs together with little discernible beginnings or endings to them. Still, it's worth the risk as you'll either have a great night's music or a story you can tell for weeks to come. Tickets are on sale now.