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State Of The Art With ArtOfficial, Llamabeats, and Others at Eve Tonight

What's up, party peeps?

Holla, if you've been waiting all the damned work week for Friday to roll around, and now find yourself watching the clock, counting the minutes until the whistle blows, so you can blow off some steam of your own.

Yep, we're right there with you. And so's ArtOfficial. Which is precisely why they're bringing you their awesome State Of the Art Event at Eve tonight.

Well, that and perhaps just a small modicum of gratification. "State Of The Art is our pride and joy," says Logics, one half of the MC combo. "We've been doing it for years and it's kind of like a real good house party without the shitty sound system."

The groundbreaking SoFla hip-hoppers came up with the idea two or three years ago and it began as a monthly installment featuring live painting, an ever-rotating cast of musical performers, and ArtOfficial throwing down a headlining set. It's since switched gears to a more-or-less biannual event. But that should only heighten the anticipation.

Tonight's show features a choice cross section of talent, running the gamut from hip-hop to reggae to rock, thanks to ArtOfficial and Llamabeats providing the former, Saltwater Grass, and Hoosha the latter, and Crazy Girls the bit in the middle.

"No fills, no pretentiousness," Logics promises for tonight's festivities. "Just good music, good art, and good pan con lechon."

State Of The Art with ArtOfficial, Llamabeats, Crazy Girls, Saltwater Grass, and Hoosha. Friday, April 1. Eve, 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Cover costs $5, if you RSVP to [email protected]. Visit miamieve.com.

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