Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival 2013: "A Perfect 17-Minute After-Movie Masterpiece"

Being a music journalist in Miami is what one might call a "sick deal." For starters, you get press passes to Ultra Music Festival with the opportunity to cover almost every artist on the forefront of electronic music. Some might say it's enviable, but it's honestly more of a headache than you probably imagine.

That being said, this flashy, poignant, self-described "perfect 17-minute after-movie masterpiece" had even our jaded hearts skipping beats. We laughed, we danced, we may have even shed a tear, and now we're checking our calendars, like, "Only 205 days until UMF 2014!"

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Big ups to Charly Friedrichs, AKA Final Kid, for the beast-level editing skills. Friedrichs knows he put something top-notch together with the 2013 aftermovie.

"This has to be the best piece I have ever created," he said in an Ultra press release. "I have never before worked with so much amazing footage and I literally watched every second of it to pick only the most incredible shots. I don't think there is any music event in the world where the cinematography is at this level, and I am blessed to work with a team that has so much vision and talent."

We especially love the cameo from our good friend Lady Casa, formerly Molly Casa, who we spent a lot of time with each day, learning how to get mad PLURnt up.

Oh, and dude, how much do you wanna experience UMF in slow motion? It all looks so magical and shiny. Here's to you, 2013. We look forward to next year being even bigger.

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