DJ YNot's Juicy Thursdays: A Dose of Classic Hip-Hop for Downtown Miami

Stop lettin' your tape rock till it pops. There's a new place in town to get a dose of classic hip-hop.

Every Thursday, DJ YNot is taking over downtown Miami's Therapy with Juicy, a night of real hip-hop from the edge of the golden era, played through a good sound system, in a room where the b-boys have enough dance floor to let loose while the ladies drink free till midnight.

The night just kicked off. But YNot's got a plan.

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"I think there's a lot of so-called 'hip-hop' nights going on," he points out. "There's something for everyone at Juicy. We won't cater just toward tried-and-true classics. There's also going to be some more obscure stuff."

Of course, YNot's going to make sure all the local hip-hop DJs get their shot in the rotation. But he's also teamed up with his buddies at Brooklyn's Nature Sounds Records, and the plan is to bring a DJ, artist, or group from the label for a Juicy gig about once a month.

"The party's in a club setting, but we're going to hopefully do live performances," he says. "We're looking to bring down some nostalgic hip-hop groups and DJs too."

YNot's also got plans for b-boy battles and other fun hip-hop culture stuff that usually gets lost in the turn-up.

"If you're going out now, you're 21, 22. You were born in the early '90s. So '94-to-'96-era hip-hop, that's not quite considered golden era, but definitely a really great time for hip-hop music you may have missed. It's something that people my age grew up on and I don't want to see it get pushed to the wayside. There's nostalgia attached to it for me, and I want to bring it to a newer generation that's just starting to go out now."

On top of the ladies night special, Juicy drops $5 Heinekens and $5 vodka drinks all night. Meanwhile, Y-Not is looking forward to the new night thriving in the new year. Therapy has just been renovated and it still hasn't fixed its place on the downtown nightlife scene. So, the DJ suggests, there's plenty of opportunity for real hip-hop fans to come and turn the club into their new hangout.

"The space is kind of uncharted territory," he says. "I feel like it's a blank canvas and has potential for us to go in and make it something cool."

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Juicy Thursdays, with DJ Y-Not and friends. Thursday, Dec. 18, at Therapy, 60 NE 11 St., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m., and cover is free. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-316-7150 or visit

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