Pitbull Sells Dr. Pepper Outside American Airlines Arena From a Party Van Called Club 23

ver since that "Calle Ocho" track, people around the world who don't even speak English are saying shit like "Pit's got it locked from the Goulds to the Locks." Now that is some amazing shit. We are proud that Mr. 305 is Mr. Worldwide, and if we had the opportunity to sell out and sign a contract with Dr. Pepper, we'd probably do it too.

We caught up with Pitbull in Club 23, a Dr. Pepper mobile nightclub that's touring the United States and tapping into Pitbull's crossover lockjaw. He has proven himself in the way corporate America loves best, with numbers on the Youtube charts in the hundreds of millions of views just behind Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga. Dalé.

Here's some video from Club 23's stop outside the American Airlines Arena yesterday.

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