Calle 13, Ivy Queen, Voltio and more, at White Lion's Reggaetone Mega-Concert, Tonight

Sure, we're smack dab in the middle of WMC. Just yesterday morning, as some of us who had work or appointments chugged along in our cars, a line formed in front of Electric Pickle at 8 a.m. But there are other things going on in Miami this week, other scenes being made and other itches being scratched (and not just the one in your pants). Case in point, White Lion Record's 15th Anniversary Reggaeton Mega-Concert. Hard as it may be for some to believe, reggaeton is still alive and kicking. And White Lion was one of the labels that helped breath life into the movement in the early days.

Alums on hand to help celebrate the B-Day of Elias De Leon's Puerto Rico-based imprint at the AAA tonight include the Santurce-born rapper often called el abayarde (an ugly bug),Tego Calderon, la caballota and the reigning female monarch of reggaeton herself, Ivy Queen, former electrician turned raspy-voiced rapper Julio Voltio, and Calle 13, who we've never considered to be reggaeton in the first place. C13 puts on one hell of a show, and are almost worth the $42 - $72 you'll need to shell out for tix all on their own, whether you're a fan of reggaeton or not.