Miami's Ten Best Recording Studios

Sure, two high-school girls can make a "Chonga Song" with an old PC and a USB mic, and go viral. But there's still nothing like a professionally recorded song produced with quality gear and a dedicated engineer in an acoustically sound environment.

Miami's great musical history is proof. Outside of New York and L.A., this great city has probably generated more global music hits than anywhere else in the world.

And since the invention of microphones and audio tape, there have always been recording studios open to independent artists trying to make their big break. With all that's changed in music over the past ten years, that has stayed the same. And these are Miami's ten best recording studios.

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10. Jet Sound

The beauty of this North Miami warehouse studio is the full and rich array of analog and vintage gear, especially the wide selection of old school keyboards, synths, and pianos. They also have an original console from Capitol Records' C room used to record the Beach Boys. Their guitar and amp collection is nothing to scoff at either; And their microphones are top notch. Not only did Cocaine Cowboy Mickey Munday record his "Tall Tales" album here, but so have a variety of off the wall electronic groups from around the world.

9. Noise Match

This up and coming state of the art studio in the heart of Wynwood just clocked their first Gold Record for Alejandro Sanz's 2013 Grammy winning album "La Música No Se Toca." The finely crafted facility is built for major label artists and professional independents alike. Miami's own Aaron Lebos Reality recently finished their "Turning Point" album there, as did Natalie Cole, with "En Español."