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6,027 Angry Ravers Launch "Boycott Ultra Music Festival" Facebook Campaign

Is Ultra Music Festival, like, the Guantanamo Bay of music festivals? It must be, because buying early-bird tickets is torture, bro.

Alright, that was just for the LOLs. But if you looked at the sensational new Facebook page Boycott Ultra Music Festival, you'd think UMF was just the meanest .

It seems the raving masses aren't on their love drugs and they're hella pissed about what they see as evil tricks and scammery. Now, they're fighting back the only way they know how, with ironic "Likes" and all the bitching a fuzzy-booted youngster can muster.

UPDATE An Ultra insider tells Crossfade that there was no foul play with early-bird tix, just "15,000 tickets ... 400,000 people attempting to purchase."

UPDATE #2 We here at Crossfade have got an idea for Ultra organizers: It's time for ticket layaway.

UPDATE #3 Ultra 2014 has finally commented on its "necessary price increase" and established a "Fan Experience Committee."

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