La Roux: A Visual Primer for Tonight's Show at Mansion

La Roux performs at Mansion tonight. It's a makeup date for the band's South Beach show that was canceled back in August.

Last month, when Elly Jackson and friends made-up their show at the Culture Room, the flame-maned singer's vocals were somewhat lacking, according to New Times Broward-Palm Beach music editor Reed Fischer. Hopefully, she's rested up plenty for tonight's set.

Fair warning: Do not expect La Roux to perform a full set tonight. Mansion is a nightclub first and foremost. We've seen performances there in the past, and you should expect three songs at the most. (And it's almost a guarantee that "Bulletproof" and "In For The Kill" will be among the three.) Anything else will be a bonus.

Now that you've been warned, let's take quick look at La Roux's visual appeal, which seems to be as important as its sound. Of course, Jackson's hairdo alone has gotten the band plenty of press. But they are a delight on videotape too.

"In For the Kill" (International Version)

"In For the Kill" (US Version)