Blowfly Does XXX-Mas Is a Timeless Wad of Dirty Cheer


Blowfly Does XXX-Mas

(Pandisc Records)

Christmas comes early this year with that thick, juicy, protein-filled wad of Blowfly love that you've tasted so many times over the last five decades. A true visionary, Clarence Reid, AKA Blowfly, decided to jump the holiday bandwagon with this delightful take on beloved Christmas classics.

Only from the mouth of the Fly could you get sweet family fare like "Jingle Bell Cock," "The Twelve Lays of Christmas," and "Jingle Balls." Using simple arrangements of guitar, keyboards, drums, sleigh bells and occasional female back-ups, he also romps through other special, fireplace tunes like "I Saw Daddy Suckin' Santa Claus," "Black Christmas," "Dick the Hoes" and "Twats the Night Before XXX-Mas."

Sticking to the sound he established in the late '80s with Blowfly for President, this 14-track disc continues the ghetto sprechgesang over weirdly tinny synths. And basically, he just tears an asshole through many a memorable Christian upbringing. But why ignore equally funny holidays such as Hanukkah and Eid? Who knows, maybe albums of that nature are still in his future. Personally? I can't wait to hear the Fly tackle all them organized religious holidays!

This album was put out by the fiercely independent and very local Pandisc Records in November 1999. It is still available from them for $12. And with the holidays looming, it'd be smart as fuck to get this proven stocking-stuffer, pronto.