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Miami Legends David Hudson and Treetop Live From Shantel Lounge

David Hudson, a Miami-via-Atlanta TK Records recording artist, had a smash hit back in the day with a song called "Honey Honey." You'll probably recognize the chorus -- "'Til you reach over and hold me tight/I reach over and turn out the light/We're gonna (make love) in the middle of the night/Let's (make love) 'til broad daylight" -- when you hear it.

He and Treetop, former guitar player for the Sir John Knightbeat house band (the hottest club in Overtown in its soul music heyday) play every week at the Sunday fish fry at the Shantel Lounge (54th Street and NW 7th Ave), the New Times winner this year for Best Barbecue Chicken. Live music every Sunday from 6 to 9 p.m. from legends of the Miami sound.

After the jump, some pictures.

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