Bassnectar and Pretty Lights' Basslights 2.0 in Miami: The Future Is Analog

Basslights 2.0, Day One

With Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Panty Raid, and SuperVision

Kliptsch Ampitheater at Bayfront Park

Friday, October 18, 2013

Better Than: Pretty Lights without full live percussion, a horn section, and keys, duh.

Walking south on Biscayne Boulevard toward thumping bass and flashing lights at Bayfront Park was giving us serious flashbacks.

"It's like a mini-Ultra," my roommate quipped as we made our way. She was sick and I was exhausted from a week of straight partying, but Basslights soothed our aches.

Sure, we could have taken a bunch of drugs and lost our marbles to the hard drops and wonky basslines, but it was also a perfect night for burning down a blunt and just groovin'.

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