Throwback Tuesdays--Dead Presidents+original sample history

Speaking of Jay-Z, some of us who are fans would probably rather remember him from his Reasonable Doubt days rather than the sub-par material he's putting out currently. I'm not even trying to dis Hov, just calling it how it is.

But there was definitely a time when he wore the title of the "god MC" well and here's a look back at one of the classic rap videos from the mid 90's, "Dead Presidents" with cameos from AZ, Biggie Smalls, Easy Mo Bee, Dame Dash, Memphis Bleek and others.

Oh, and if you want to hear where the original sample came from, read up on, jazz pianist Lonnie Liston Smith...then check out this interestingly scored anime film with Smith's "A Garden of Peace" accompanying it.

This is the track that Ski sped up when he made the beat for "Dead Presidents." Just passing along some info. In fact, you can hear both cuts in the video above and satisfy your anime fix at the same time.

-Jonathan Cunningham